How Long Does it Take to Have Mouth Herpes?

Mouth herpes is the result of contracting the herpes simplex virus (HSV) in the mouth. The virus is transmittable through droplets, secretions, and other bodily fluids. During an active outbreak the sore is usually itchy, painful, and reddish. An outbreak may last for days or weeks depending on the number of breakouts and the severity of the outbreak.

Genital herpes: Can you get it during oral sex with someone who gets cold  sores? - ABC News

A person can have multiple outbreaks occur at different times throughout their lifetime. If you are not conscious of having any oral herpes you can spread the virus to another person. When an infected person breaks out with a fresh outbreak they will feel extremely uncomfortable. This can make dating and social situations very difficult.

There are four types of mouth herpes simplex 1, all have been identified. These are grouped according to the time of year they appear, the number of breakouts, and how severely affected the person is by each type. Someone who has genital herpes can also have oral herpes simplex 1 and genital herpes have symptoms that look very similar. There is not currently a treatment for either type of the virus.

Genital and oral herpes simplex are both sexually transmitted. There is currently not a vaccine available for either type of the disease. However, there is medication available that can be taken to suppress symptoms and prevent transmission back and forth between partners. There are also natural supplements and teas available that can help relieve symptoms associated with this illness. If you are concerned about being exposed to someone who has genital or oral herpes simplex then you should inform your partner before going any further.

The virus that causes mouth herpes is known as the herpes simplex virus 2. It is believed that only the female genitalia are affected with this virus, but men can also develop the disease in the mouth and throat area. The symptoms for mouth herpes are very similar to those experienced with the cold sores that commonly occur after being outside for a short period of time. Other symptoms that may occur include a red rash that will eventually crust over and scab over as the virus continues to spread.

In most cases it will take around two weeks of active infection before symptoms become noticeable. Your outbreaks will likely occur at around the peak time of infection, which will be around your birthday. Symptoms during an active outbreak tend to be the most itchy, burning and swollen and the soreness tends to last for around ten days at most. On average, the first outbreak of mouth herpes will last approximately six months. During an active outbreak you can generally avoid kissing, eating, and speaking. If you have an active outbreak, you will likely have to wear a plastic surgeon mask when outdoors to minimize the contact with bodily fluids.

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